The core definition of “Life” has expanded dramatically…

It is the quest to master this new understanding that drives our work. From reconstructing ancient lifeforms for museum exhibits, to designing future species of products, Mechanimal is the convergence of Biology and Technology, of Art and Science.

Mechanimal¬†was forged from the unique portfolio of cutting-edge research, design philosophies, and professional experiences of our Chief Artist/Scientist: Jason Bannister. This set a foundation on which to provide unparalleled design services, product development, artistic assets, and creatures of research… past, present and future.

We do a lot more than Dinosaurs and Robots, they’re just our specialty… creatures at either end of the Mechanimal spectrum. Be sure to check back soon, we have tons of content yet to show.

Pearl in Popular Science

This is actually my first robot from over a decade ago, albeit the second version of her. She was specifically designed to determine what facial proportions people respond best to in a robotic face/head. Now, over a decade later, Pearl … Continue reading