Arthur Arm 2

Arthur Arm 2

… install his own brain!

A wonderfully absurd concept… alas he must await the Jim to bring his first protobrain and get it all wired up… so he’s just posin’ en utero, still, but soon!

We will debut Arthur in Roboworld at the Carnegie Science Center on Saturday at 1 if you wanna meet him. Def bring the kids, if ya got ‘em, or just yourself if your really curious. We will be play testing him and sharing the prototype development with the public, in an engaging way, and surely sparking some awesome input, and hopefully some inspiration, for all generations.

And, like the arthropods, this is just the beginning… there are MANY more to come.

Arthur Arm Arthur In Utero
  • Who's ready for On-Day?... Arthur, that's who...
  • Arthur getting a check-up
  • All tuned up and ready to Roll Out.

He'll be in Geology Hall, scootin around the giant globe with the elevator(ahem, stratovator) in it...
  • Arthur Wiring
  • Arthur Wiring A
  • Parts n' panels set aside for CNS installation...
  • Arthur CNS
  • Aw, no eyelids looks like an innocent cute lil' baby robot horsehoe crab.
  • Arthur Wink
  • Aside Specimen Inspirator.
  • Arthur Brain
  • Arthur Arm
  • Arthur In Utero
  • Hello, I just came out of a printer.
  • aw yeah
  • Arthur Printed 2